July 2022


  1. Goodness Of God Triumphant Quartet Stowtown
  2. When They See Me Freemans Dream Big
  3. I Want to Take Someone With Me Primitive Quartet Family Music Group
  4. Go Tell One Whisnants UIA
  5. Answer Is Jesus Karen Peck & New River Daywind
  6. I Give You Me Tim Livingston Family Music
  7. That Glorious Day Michael Wayne Smith Chapel Valley
  8. The Well Fields Of Grace Family Music
  9. Jesus Is A Waymaker Harmony Quartet Chapel Valley
10. I Am The One Dry Creek Family Music
11. I Am So Blessed Les Butler w/Primitive Quartet Family Music
12. Church Of The Great I Am Kingsmen Crossroads
13. Standing On The Word Joyaires Hey Y'all
14. Three Carpenters Brent Hutchins Caynon Creek
15. Out Of Harms Way Williamsons Family Music
16. Oh What A Day Mylon Hayes Family UIA
17. Try A Little Kindness Faith's Journey Hey Ya'll
18. That Sweet Land Of God Somewhere Primitive Quartet Crossroads
19. He Never Gave Up On Me Inheritance Classic Artists
20. Jesus Is Still The Answer Troy Burns Family Chapel Valley
21. You Are My King Greater Vision Daywind
22. I Have God To Thank For Everything Inspirations Crossroads
23. All The Praise Lefever Quartet Daywind
24. Did I Please God Today Mike Upright SCMS
25. You're Looking More Like Your Father Paul LaFontaine & Family Crossroads
26. Righteousness Exalts A Nation Blackwood Brothers Daywind
27. Thank God I'm Not God Nathan Woodard Daywind
28. We Choose Life 3 Heath Brothers Crossroads
29. Sweet Peace Phillips & Banks Dream Big
30. Forgive Debbie Cochran Jan Puryear
31. The Lord Is My Strength McKamey Legacy Crossroads
32. Heaven Will Fix It All Barry Rowland & Deliverance Family Music
33. We Shall Rise Inspirations Crossroads
34, Worth Calvary Whisnants UIA
35. My Heavenly Home New River Bluegrass Family Music Group
36. Ready To Leave Down East Boys Crossroads




WDFB Bluegrass Chart


1. Three Carpenters Brent Hutchins
2. That Sweet Land Of God Somewhere Primitive Quartet
3. I Am The One Dry Creek
4. I Want To Take Someone With Me Primitive Quartet
5. They Tell Me Barry Abernathy, Doyle Lawson & Josh Swift