May 2020


  1. Did I Please God Today Mike Upright SCM
  2. What Sins Are You Talking About Central Baptist Church Choir UIA
  3. The Empty Altar Heaven's Mountain Band Family Music
 4. I Took A Trip To The Altar King Family Chapel Valley
  5. It's A Beautiful Day Mark Bishop Crossroads
  6. Have You Anything To Tell Phillips Family Crossroads
  7. A Brighter Day Primitive Qt. Family Music
  8. For A Moment Of Grace Heaven's Mt. Band Family Music
  9. In His Hands Common Bond Wise Choice
10. I Remember The Fish Greater Vision Daywind
11. One Drop Of Jesus Blood Eades Family Chapel Valley
12. In Jesus Name We Pray Port City Qt. Daywind
13. We All Need A Savior McKameys Crossroads
 14. A New Look Blackwood Brothers Daywind
15. I Believe The Book Legacy Five Daywind
16. I Am A Christian Heirline Millennium
17. If I Have Too Coffman's Wise Choice
18. One More Time Lakeside UIA
19. Three Beating Hearts Steve Hess & Southern Salvation Mansion
20. Forever Settled Insipirations Wise Choice
21. Never Be The Same Purpose Chapel Valley
22. King Of Kings Kingsmen Crossroads
23. I'll Give You Grace Britton Family Family Music
24. He Has Old Time Preachers Qt. Family Music
25. What Kind Of Man Legacy Five Daywind
26. The God I Serve Karen Peck & New River Daywind
27. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord Steeles Millennium
28. I Will Glory In The Story Austin & Ethan Whisnant UIA
29. Let's Carry On New Ground Daywind
30. Calvary's Touch Barry Rowland & Deliverance Family Music
31. One Drop Of Blood Living Faith Qt. Family Music
32. I Want to Live For Jesus Mylon Hayes Family UIA
33. Saved Nathan Woodward Daywind
34. I Sang Myself Happy Old Time Preachers Qt. Family Music
35. Happy Glad Day Heart 2 Heart Family Music
36. Without Jesus Brian Free & Assurance Daywind




WDFB Bluegrass Chart


1. One More Time Lakeside
2. When He Speaks Britton Family
3. One Day I'll Rise Kingsways Qt.
4. A Brighter Day Primitives
5. All My Hope Lakeside