September 2019


  1. He Has Old Time Preachers Qt Family Music
  2. Jesus You're Always There Primitive Qt. Family Music
  3. I Start Each Day With The Lord Britton Family & Friends Family Music
 4. Did I Please God Today Mike Upright SCM
  5. A Bible And A Belt Les Butler & Friends Family Music
  6. Go And Sin No More Parables Of Christ Wise Choice
  7. I Love You From An Old Rugged Cross Joseph Habedank Daywind
  8. Joy On The Journey Mylon Hayes Family UIA
  9. Sing In The Valley Perry's Stowtown
10. Leavin Messiah's Call Chapel Valley
11. God Made A Way Carolina Boys Qt. Crossroads
12. You're Not In This Alone Browders Dream Big
13. Choose Life Hyssongs Dream Big
 14. Live For Jesus Sojourners Qt. UIA
15. I Got Saved Fields Of Grace Family Music
16. Holy Fire Barry Rowland & Deliverance Family Music
17. God You're Amazing Paul Bolen Family Music
18. Let Me Tell You Bout Him McNeals UIA
19. The Empty Altar Heaven's Mt. Band Family Music
20. Thank You For Saving Me Phillips Family Crossroads
21. His Road Led Me Home Eades Family Chapel Valley
22. What If He Meant What He Said Mark Lowery Daywind
23. The Key Tim Davis Family Music
24. We Believe 3 Heath Brothers Crossroads
25. Just Pray Blankenships Heart Song Nashville
26. Come Sunday Morning Old Paths Crossroads
27. There's Still A Cross Purpose Qt. Chapel Valley
28. Sometimes It's You Isbell Family Chapel Valley
29. I'll Give You Grace Britton Family Family Music
30. What Kind Of Man Legacy Five Daywind
31. I Know That I'm Saved Foothills Qt. Wise Choice
32. Remind Me Marshall Hall Wise Choice
33. I Went To Riches From Rags 3rd Row Boys JUMP
34. Hold On Children Tammy Jones Robinette Stowtown
35. For Another Day Melodyaires Wise Choice
36. Turn Fayth & Samuel Lore JUMP




WDFB Bluegrass Chart


1. Jesus You're Always There Primitive Qt.
2. I Start Each Day With The Lord Britton Family & Friends
3. Most Requested Prayer Heaven's Mt. Band
4. The Empty Altar Heaven's Mt. Band
5. Let My Life Be A Light Balsam Range