August 2017


  1. I Am Redeemed Walking By Faith Family Music
  2. Chain Breaker Triumphant Qt. UIA
  3. There's Absolutely Nothing My God Can't Do Lawson & Williams Crossroads
 4. The Church Has Left The Building Adam's Boice Crossroads
  5. We Are Not Ashamed Taylors UIA
  6. Homesick For Heaven Brady's Daywind
  7. No Wonder Gibsons Crossroads
  8. God Of The Storms Tribute Qt. Daywind
  9. My Faith Still Holds Mark Trammell Qt. UIA
10. They Don't Know What The Lord Can Do Kingsmen Crossroads
11. Still Greater Vision Daywind
12. In The Hands Of A Carpenter Legacy Five Daywind
13. Somebody Prayed For Me King James Boys Family Music
 14. Worship You Again The Taylors UIA
15. Make It New Ground Daywind
16. Where My Savior Is Master's Voice Crossroads
17. Keep On Rochesters UIA
18. The Ark Barry Rowland & Deliverance Crossroads
19. Meet Me There Steeles Resting Place Music
20. Holy Spirit Come Soul'd Out Qt. Crossroads
21. The One In The Water Inspirations Crossroads
22. God Is With Me Jim Brady Trio Daywind
23. You Deliver Me Fields Of Grace UIA
24. Put It In God's Hands Browders Dream Big
25. The Last Big Thing Kingdom Heirs Crossroads
26. Faith In A Great God Carolina Boys Crossroads
27. I Am Longing Kingsway Chapel Valley
28. There's No Other God Joylanders Crossroads
29. I Prayed Through It Susan Whisnant UIA
30. Praise God He Is Alive Bowling Family Daywind
31. Restoration Blythe Family UIA
 32. I Will Stand Gold City Jan Puryear
33. The Coming Of The Lord Mylon Hayes Family UIA
34. Old Piece Of Clay Kendricks Crossroads
35. Heaven Takes Care Of It All Children Of Promise UIA
36. Live The Dream Fayth & Samuel Lore Resting Place Music




WDFB Bluegrass Chart


1. I Am Redeemed Walking By Faith
2. There's Absolutely Nothing My God Can't Do Lawson & Williams
3. Who's Waiting For Me Heaven's Mt. Band
4. Silver & Gold Trinity River Band
5. Somebody Prayed  For Me Kings James Boys