April 2021


  1. Pray Till You Pray Through Jay Stone Singers Crossroads
  2. What We Need Old Time Preachers Qt.. Family Music
  3. The Master Of Me Aaron Wilburn Millennium
  4. Did I Please God Today Mike Upright SCM
  5. Righteousness Exalts A Nation Blackwood Brothers Daywind
  6. The Empty Altar Heaven's Mt. Band Family Music
  7. I Want To Take Someone With Me Primitive Qt. Family Music
  8. New Day Same God Austin & Ethan Whisnant UIA
  9. He Still Moves Mountains For Me Purpose Chapel Valley
10. You Couldn't Say He Didn't Love Us Mark Bishop Crossroads
11. First Church Of Mercy The Sound Daywind
12. Ready to Serve Rochesters UIA
13. Looks Like Jesus To Me Talley's rossroads
14. Homecoming Rochesters UIA
15. Born Again Sunday Drive Crossroads
16. You Can't Fool The Lord Sheldon's Classic Artist Promotions
17. I'm Going Back Alan Frink Chapel Valley
18. Keep Praying Lore Family Crossroads
19. Remember His Faithfulness Riley Harrison Clark Daywind
20. Never Changing God Kingdom Heirs Crossroads
21. Lift Your Head, Bow Your Head Bluegrass At The Crossroads Crossroads
22. 1945 Inspirations Crossroads
23. Just What I Needed Chitians Crossroads
24. Peace Speaker New Journey Whose House
25. My Lord's Gonna See Me Through Singing Echoes Millennium
26. Much More Than I Ask For King James Boys Mt. Fever
27. All My Hope Lakeside CD
28. These Are The Days Kingsmen Crossroads
29. Come To Jesus Meeting Gerald Crabb Dream Big
30. The End Of The Story Gloryway Qt. Millennium
31. That's Why We Pray Heart To Heart Family Music
32. Potter's Wheel Wisecarvers Crossroads
33. Try A Little Kindness Faith's Journey Hey Y'all
34. Sing About Going Home Barry Rowland & Deliverance Family Music
 35 Lord Please Bless Our Family Paula LaFontaine & Family Crossroads
36 He Won't Just Get You By, He'll See You Through Fields Of Grace Family Music




WDFB Bluegrass Chart


1. I Want to Take Someone With Me Primitive Qt.


2. Much More Than I ask For King James Boys
3. Lift Your Voice, Bow Your Head BlueGrass at Crossroads
4. Potter's Wheel Wisecarvers
5. Ready To Serve Rochesters